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75秒急速赛车是谁开的:The fund is holding a group to warm up and "drinking Maotai"

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内容摘要:MoutaioutshineChina Ping An , financial stocks generally been underweightMonday, with theChangchun High-tech , Changsheng Life , Chi Fei bio...

Moutai outshine China Ping An , financial stocks generally been underweight

Monday, with the Changchun High-tech , Changsheng Life , Chi Fei biological , Kangtai Biological , Watson Bio one word down limit, heavy stocks holding these stocks E Fund 50 index securities investment fund, Huitianfu medical service flexible configuration, Fuguo Tianrui strong regional selection, Guorongxing No. 1 asset management, Guorong Tianyi 2, Qianhai Open Source Fund— Haitong Securities 7 _89456_34_65473_9 The fund or financial plan, such as the 30th increase in the asset management plan, has opened the "injured" mode. Does the group warming also contain the risk of “the extremes must be reversed”?


large consumer segment in the second quarter of A shares weak trend, the reporter noted that the Fund has increased the configuration of medicine, home appliances and other consumer stocks as well as computers and other TMT sector.

According to statistics, as of the end of the second quarter, the market value of the fund's holdings of the top five industries were food and beverage, pharmaceutical biotechnology, electronics, household appliances and non-Bank Financial, is not difficult to see that the fund for large consumer segment of all ages . It is noteworthy that, in the past, China Ping An been a fund holding first place, regardless of the market value of shares or holdings rankings, but this year is different, Moutai outshine the China Ping An. Maotai is used as the first 707 fund Awkwardness, China Taiping A shares and Hong Kong stocks Gree tied for second, were 669 funds; the third was the turn Ping An of China for 654 funds.

data show that as of the end of the second quarter, a total of 549 partial stock funds Moutai together hold 3302.77 million shares, representing 2.63% of outstanding shares, the market value of positions up to 24.157 billion yuan, Moutai become active partial stock funds the largest holding.

significant adjustment in the second quarter stock market, Moutai rose 8.52% against the market trend harvest, large market capitalization, good liquidity overlay defensive shares, Moutai attracted a large number of fund, partial new positions in the second quarter stock-based gold reached 42.

and raised a quarterly ranking of the top positions in the market value of China's Ping An, the second quarter, the share price hit adjusted market capitalization has shrunk superimposed positions reduced the fund, partial shares of the fund's holdings total market value of the ring than the first quarter of China Ping An fell 23.58 percent, the market value of 17.822 billion yuan of total positions It was 6.35 billion yuan away from Kweichow Moutai and retired from the third place in the second quarter.

Moutai and China Ping An in the second quarter are overweight and underweight, but Maotai net fund holding more negative for peace and holding a net increase, resulting in more situations.

Moutai Awkwardness first fund last summit in late 2012, before Moutai won seven consecutive quarters of fund Awkwardness first (second quarter of 2011 to the end of 2012). The problem of liquor plasticizers and high consumption bans at the end of 2012 caused the stock price of Kweichow Moutai to plummet and the fund to reduce its holdings, thus losing the position of the first Awkwardness.

peace be 5.1 billion reduction top the list

data show bank stocks since the second quarter of 2016 was the first time holdings. The market value of holdings in the fund's top 50 stocks, Industrial and Commercial Bank Agricultural Bank of China Construction Bank , , , China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank , , Ping An Bank and other banks in the column. China Ping An to 5.13 billion yuan topped the market value of holdings, securities 50ETF tens of thousands , UBS SDIC CSI 300 ETF and other financial and real estate holdings of the fund relatively strong. The first big share of the brokers who have been weak for a long time and failed to rebound repeatedly CITIC Securities only a small increase in the second quarter, while the reduction is in a high-volume high-frequency state, including China Merchants Securities, Penghua China Securities, Shen Wan Lingxin Several funds have reduced their holdings the most.

In addition, the market value of the fund holdings in the , Lungi shares , sun power China Merchants Bank are also more than 3 billion yuan. China Petrochemical , three optical , Chinese rock , Oriental Garden , Ganfeng Lithium also entered the public offering market value of the top ten holdings of the stock market value of fund holdings decline was more than 25 100 million yuan.

"Bao group heating" gave birth to new risks

23rd medical and biological vaccine industry plummeted, many representative stocks fell or fell, whether the fund fled caused a "stepping accident" is still difficult to determine, but also for fund investors A case with enlightenment.

Acer Fund Research members believe that in the weak market, the fund's optional target is very limited. When it is found that a certain performance growth is relatively certain and there is no industry stock that has been squandered, the funds are swarming in. in. In the early stage of the convergence of these funds into a certain stock, the tradable shares will be scarce and the stock price will rise. In the later period, as the stock price soared, the impulses of the funds involved in the previous period were getting higher and higher, and the differences between the long and the short sides increased. The funds coming back later took over and the funds from the previous ones left. This kind of disagreement will take a long time to be divided. If the winner is negative, the performance will form a longer period of oscillation to form the top or the other bottom. At present, we should pay attention to two phenomena: First, although the funds for buying Maotai increased in the second quarter, the stock price has basically not risen and has not risen. Second, stock funds average position at the end of the second quarter of 87.49%, down 0.88 percentage points from the end of the first quarter, but still remain at a high level, approaching the upper limit, indicating that these funds do not have much ammunition available. Under this circumstance, I hope that Maotai will not give any negative news, otherwise it will also perform similar stampede situations. Therefore, the “funding group” heating also breeds new risks.





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